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built to exact specifications

It can take a great deal of resources to manufacture sensitive military equipment and other specialized goods, so when it comes time to transfer equipment from point A to point B, you want to be sure that you have the right packaging for the job. Any old box or crate won’t work when you’re dealing with expensive equipment and fragile goods. A custom crate offers the most reliable solution for transit and storage, since it will be built to the exact specifications needed for whatever it is holding. This minimizes chances for damage and makes it easier to send and ship equipment to the places it needs to go. When you choose custom crates built by LifeCycle Engineered Packaging Dynamics, you will benefit from our state-of-the-art craftsmanship and commitment to quality. Each one of our custom crates is designed and fabricated entirely in-house at our headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

Custom Designed to Ensure a Secure Fit

The best way to house fragile equipment

Just like a custom-tailored suit will be your best-fitting outfit, a custom crate or wooden shipping box will be the best place to house fragile equipment, especially for a long or rough journey. Conditions in shipping facilities and carrier vessels can be uncertain, so you want to ensure that your item is packaged snugly and securely.

A custom box is also necessary for most oversized or oddly-shaped equipment, because standard-sized crates may simply be too small. It’s not just large equipment that needs a secure storage and shipping option, however. Small and fragile items, such as computer equipment, may need custom crates lined with foam inserts to avoid any damage during transport and to keep all small parts firmly in place.

For items that need to travel long distances, we can also custom fabricate dunnage to fit precisely with the container for the most secure shipping option available.

High Standards

for Better Shipping and Storage Materials

When you choose LifeCycle for your custom box orders, you can rest assured that we will follow the highest standards for design and fabrication. We have several years of experience working with military and federal clients, so we can follow all specifications necessary for these products. We also work with many clients in the private sector, following the same standards of quality for every job—no matter how big or small. Whether your custom crate requires shipment across the world or simply needs to provide functional storage for specialized equipment, we will hold ourselves to a higher standard beyond those set by ASTM International, as well as the U.S. Military.

In addition, we also maintain strong relationships with our trusted vendors, so we know the exact quality of the raw materials we are using to build your crates and boxes. We start with the finest materials available, so we can deliver the best possible end product to you.

Delivery Services to Make Your Life Easier

We have worked to create a seamless ordering experience for custom crates, even if you are not located near our headquarters. Through advanced computer software, we can quickly design and price containers based on your design needs. Once we have manufactured your containers, you can schedule pickup and delivery locally, or we can work with you to arrange shipping anywhere in the world, so you can easily utilize our services from anywhere. In addition to delivery and shipment planning, we also offer packaging services, which can ensure the best possible performance from our custom containers. With materials such as anti-static foam, moisture barrier bags, and solutions for sensitive electronic equipment, as well as a wide variety of bracing methods, we can prepare any cargo for shipment to ensure a safe, intact arrival.

If you are ready to begin the custom crate ordering process, contact LifeCycle Engineered Packaging Dynamics today at (520) 279-2000. Our team is ready to build a custom box to fit your shipping needs.


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