Preparing manufactured goods for transport requires more than packing peanuts and cardboard boxes to ensure they get to their destination safely and securely. With the right materials, even the most sensitive equipment can be transported with ease. To play it safe, you may consider using custom packaging service to get the job done.

At LifeCycle Engineered Packaging Dynamics, we offer the most advanced custom packaging solutions to help our clients get items safely where they need to go. In addition, we can provide aesthetically pleasing packaging materials for the ideal unboxing experience if items are being shipped directly to your clients.

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Packaging Solutions

To determine how your items should be packaged, we will assess the nature of each asset, including its size, components, and potential sensitivities or damage points. This will ensure that the right materials are used to fabricate custom inserts and wraps that will cradle every item safely while it is shipped in a durable box or wooden crate. We use state-of-the-art engineering software to effectively and efficiently design custom foam molds and box inserts, which keeps costs low and quality high. Once we determine the best packing methods for your specific needs, we may recommend:

  • Foam inserts. Custom fabricated foam box inserts are one of the most reliable solutions for preventing the shifting of contents during shipping, which is a leading cause of damage during transport. They also help to reduce vibrations and shock, so even the most sensitive equipment can be protected. For electronic goods, we will select anti-static foam to further reduce potential liabilities. Other foam insert materials include ethafoams, polyurethane foams, zotefoams, and polyethylene foams. Each foam piece is crafted to precision using CNC milling and cutting, and we have experience making large foam dome covers, cradles, and inserts for the military and aerospace industries.
  • Barrier bags. You cannot always predict shipping conditions, especially when goods are traveling overseas by boat. Therefore, it can be beneficial to have an added layer of protection with barrier bags. These are designed to block moisture, helping to prevent corrosion and other types of water damage. Anti-static barrier bags are also available to protect sensitive electronic equipment. Barrier bags can be sized to fit any scale, and they are designed to military specifications.
  • Heat-shrink wrapping. Vehicles and other large pieces of mechanical equipment can benefit from full protection from the elements with heat-shrink wrapping. Heat-shrink material is wrapped around an item, and then heat is used to tightly seal the wrap. This helps keep out dirt, water, and debris, as well as provide protection against sun damage. Heat-shrink wrapping is a flexible process, so it can take place in our facilities or onsite at your own facilities.

Why Custom Packaging Is Important

When you are dealing with equipment to fulfill military or federal contracts, it must be packaged to certain established standards, so custom packaging may not be optional in these situations. Even when you are not required to follow these strict protocols, custom packaging can still be beneficial. You can save yourself from potential losses incurred in the shipping process as well as present your product with the most professional appearance possible. In addition, fragile materials will benefit from more secure packaging, which is achieved when packing materials are crafted to an item’s exact specifications.

Because we have invested in leading software and created lasting partnerships with our materials manufacturers, LifeCycle Engineered Packaging Dynamics is able to provide affordable custom packaging services that can fit into any company’s budget.

No packaging need is too big or too small for us, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your project details. You can reach us by calling (520) 279-2000.


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